Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Good Reads

A boy finds God in an empty church. Jogging helps a woman find love. A man looks up and sees vapor trails in the sky. A poem about a missing person report. The scenes from California’s Highway 1. A story about this little light. Books that come alive after the bookstore closes. And so much more.


How I Found Strength for the New Year” by Cassandra Frear at Moonboat CafĂ©.

Trusting God’s Character” by Jason Vana.

It is Love that Makes an Artist” by Kelly Sauer.

A Boy Finds God in an Empty Church” by Shawn Smucker.

A World Worth Saving” by Billy Coffey at What I Learned Today and “Needs, Wants, and Pretty Pens” for Rachelle Gardner.

Still Drying” by Ed Pilolla.

The voice – I love you” by Doug Spurling at Spurling Silver.

I Am Dancing” by Louise Gallagher at Recover Your Joy.

Do I Know You?” by Fatha Frank at Public Christianity.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done” by Duane Scott at Scribing the Journey.

Running with Endurance (How Jogging Helped Me Love)” by Monica Sharman at Know-Love-Obey God.

When We Lose Connection” by Sandra Heska King.

I don’t know what tomorrow is” by Michael Perkins at The Handwritten.

How Folding Laundry Can Baptize Life” by Laura Boggess at The Wellspring.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Day Off” by Scott Couchenour at Serving Strong.

Tim Tebow’s Role Model” by Michael Flaherty and Nathan Whitaker for The Wall Street Journal.


Mwah” by Ed Pilolla.

Silent sighs” by Patricia Streng at Lovepats.

Knocking at Knees” and “Shaken: He never walked away” by Robbie Pruitt.

Tomas Transtromer” by D.S. Martin at Kingdom Poets.

Lying in Wait” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Waiting” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

White Horse. Black Stallion” by Louise Gallagher at Recover Your Joy.

7:25” by Pete Marshall.

Give it up” by B.K. McKenzie at Signed…BKM. 

Come back, 2 bed” by Brian Miller at Way Station One.

I’ve been here before” by Jim Schmotzer at Faithful Skeptic.

Epigeous Ephphany” by Timothy Good at Poetry by Tiwago.

Missing Person Report” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Extra Ordinary Poetry Rant” by Laura Boggess at The Wellspring.

Point and Shoot” by Tony Maude at Rumours of Rhyme.

Paintings and Photographs

Vapor Trails” by Steve Gravano at Take a Look Around.

Hopeful Watching” and “A Bird” by Susan Etole at Just…A Moment.

The Christmas that Won’t Go Away” by Sheila Seiler LaGrand at Godspotting with Sheila.

A Life of Caring” by J of India at Neither Use Nor Ornament.

The Winding Road of Highway 1” by Diana Trautwein at Just Wondering.

A Mid-Winter’s Night Dream” by Timothy Good at Photography by Tiwago.

Flight over California,” oil on canvas paper by Randall David Tipton.

Short Stories

This Little Light” by Jake Lee at Very Much Later.

Videos and Podcasts

The Unquiet Grave” by Anonymous and “Whitman and the Moth” by Clive James, read by Tom O’Bedlam at Spoken Verse.

Finger-painting” by Chilean artist Fabian Gaete Maureira (Hat Tip: Andrew Piper)

The Joy of Books” by Crazed Ad Man.

Photograph: Single Tree in Snow by Petr Kratochvil via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Louise Gallagher said...

Good thing the cold is settling in this weekend -- I'll be inclined to stay inside and can wander through all your good reads (and Maureen's sharings too!)

Thanks so much for including me. I feel honoured.

Doug Spurling said...

Thanks for thinking of me - it's an honor, or honour or pleased as punch. Thanks Glynn. Have a great week end.

Brian Miller said...

thank you sir for the honor of being placed among quite a few greats there...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for honouring me again Glynn, even incognito as Tony Munro :)

Tony Maude

Laura said...

Thank you for including me here, Glynn. Such an honor.

diana said...

I am astonished and grateful. Thank you, Glynn. You have made a 'bucket list' item come true. And what a great company to be with. Amazing.

Maureen said...

Thank you for including my two poems, Glynn. Always delighted to be among such talent.

Megan Willome said...

I really like that photo, Glynn.

Anonymous said...

what a week!

S. Etole said...

Lots I need to catch up on! Thank you, Glynn.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are busy!

Sandra Heska King said...

What Susan said. Encouraged to find my name here. Thanks!

Patricia said...

You bring a smile to my heart through your affirmations. Thank you Glynn.