Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Good Reads

Anita Mathias remembers her Uncle Eustace – the Maharaja. Amanda Hill shoots the rapids, so to speak. Billy Coffey wants more, and Jerry Barrett wishes upon a scar. B. K. Mckenzie forgets the sky, and Chris Yokel remembers the forgotten. Tim Good finds some evening shade, and a family in St. Louis tells a remarkable story about God’s goodness.

Good stuff.


From the Wisdom of St. Cinemas, Excerpt 1” by Jeff Overstreet at Looking Closer/Patheos.

Rapids” by Amanda Hill at Hill + Pen.

Listening with the heart” by Diane Walker at Contemplative Photography.

Wanting More” by Billy Coffey at What I Learned Today.

My Uncle Eustace, the Maharaja” by Anita Mathias at Dreaming Beneath the Spires.


-pathy” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

Wish Upon a Scar” by Jerry Barrett at Gerald the Writer.

A redhead with green eyes” by Brian Miller at WayStationOne.

Uncertain Shore” by Martin Duggan.

Jacobus Revius” by D.S. Martin at Kingdom Poets.

Technically” by Jim Schmotzer at Faithful Skeptic.

Perception” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Forget the Sky” by B.K. McKenzie at Signed…BKM.

Standing Stones” by Chris Yokel for Curator Magazine.

Paintings and Photographs

Evening Shade” by Tim Good at Good Photography.

As August Concludes” by Susan Etole at Just…A Moment.

Preparing a Pookalam” by J of India at Neither Use Nor Ornament.

Short Stories

The Wine Moon” by Seth Haines.

Videos and Podcasts

God’s Faithfulness and Goodness in a Parent’s Worst Nightmare” via Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition.

Photograph: Small building in London, by Lebin Yuriy via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Brian Miller said...

smiles...thank you sir...for the inclusion in your pantheon of good reads....will catch a few this morning before i start the day...

happy saturday to you!

Sandra Heska King said...

So it's been a bit since I've been able to drop in here, Glynn. I'm loving the white background!

Maureen said...

Excellent compilation this weekend, Glynn. Thank you for including me.

Anonymous said...

pretty building in the a wedding cake.

Jerry said...

Hey Glynn, thanks so much for setting me amongst such great reading material. Enjoy your weekend! Spoil those grandchildren!

S. Etole said...

What a unique building. Thanks for all you compile here, and for the inclusion.