Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Good Reads

Last week, in a break from the usual list of Saturday Good Reads, I noted some of the regular bloggers featured here. Today, here are some of the ones I’ve recently come across whose work I really enjoy.

Amanda Hill blogs at Hill + Pen. She was born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, and she’s an attorney (for which I can forgive her) and a mother. She’s married to an attorney (two attorneys in one family – imagine!). She writes about family, people, the Hill Country and other topics, and is always, always interesting.

Seth Haines is an attorney (yes, another one) in Arkansas, the father of four boys and the husband of Amber, as in Amber The Run Amuck. Seth writes essays, short stories, poems, and they’re all good. He blogs at Seth Haines.

Anita Mathias lives in Oxford (U.K.) and blogs at Dreaming Beneath the Spires. She writes on faith, theology, philosophy and half a dozen other subjects.

Jim Schmotzer blogs at The Faithful Skeptic, posts mostly poetry, and needs to post a lot more often than he does.

Chris Yokel is a songwriter and poet. I found him first through his poetry, and then ordered one of his CDs, “The Rain That Falls.” I really like his music. He blogs under his own name and also has a YouTube channel.

Shawn Smucker is the author of several books, recently took his family on a four-month tour of the United States, and has recently been in Sri Lanka at a World Vision blogger. He writes at Shawn Smucker.

Next week, I hope to feature three groups of writers I work with online.

Photograph: Houses of Parliament at Night by Petr Kratochvil via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Maureen said...

Nice to know some background to these fine bloggers.

Chris Yokel said...

Thanks Glynn!

Jerry said...

I ditto Maureen. Thanks for the background.

Anonymous said...

i like this formatG. a little more info. and fewer choices. for me...i am more likely to read some of it because i can take most of it in at first glance.

S. Etole said...

Some of these are new to me. Thank you for sharing their links.

Anonymous said...

What an honor that you provided some background on me, and I'm touched you included me. When I started this blog it was just a way to allow words to escape, and force myself to practice. It's been the most rewarding thing. I'm still amazed people read my stories. But I do love telling stories. I wish I could say them aloud them over a static-filled radio and a crackling fire.

And FYI - since I quit my full-time law practice I'm more of a wife and mother than lawyer, but what's the sizzle in saying that? :-)