Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My portrait painted, she said

I sat sedately while
the master painted me
in brush strokes sure and swift,
confidence unbounded.
I wore my new green dress
(which I simply adored)
matching my new green hat.
Do you find the likeness
fine and true, idealized?

Over at TweetSpeak Poetry, Seth Haines has a Surrealist poetry prompt – write a poem based on a painting by Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso. I didn’t want to dally with Dali, so I went with a Picasso. You can see other submitted poems by checking Seth’s post.

This poem is also submitted to Open Link Night at dVersePoets. The links will be live at 2 p.m. Central time today. 


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Beautiful juxtaposition of the lady's expectations and the artist's interpretation. Loved this, Glynn!

Robbie Pruitt said...

Cool poem Glynn!

Brian Miller said...

if that is how the master sees me, then yes it is...now the trick is can i see myself that way as well..

S. Etole said...

Smiling at this ...

Unknown said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...

Very charming! k.

ScottlB said...

Well done!!