Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Good Reads: The High Calling Staff Retreat

Being writers and editors, and seeing each other face-to-face only once a year, it’s no surprise that The High Calling editorial staff went crazy with photos, blog posts, Instagram pics, Facebook posts and tweets (the crazy guy was tweeting) (if you want to see all of the tweets, search Twitter for #THCretreat).

What follows below is by no means complete, but it is everything I’ve managed to come across this past week, including a few of my own posts. Collectively, it will give you a good sense of what happened during our meetings at Laity Lodge, with one exception.

On Friday night after the retreat devotion meeting with Robert Mulholland, Jeff Johnson, and the Westlake Presbyterian Church group from Austin, several of us were in the main lodge room. A few of the staff were in a really serious discussion about The High Calling, while Tim Miller (our photography editor and a native of Australia) and I were sitting at a small table working at our computers.

Suddenly I hear Tom say something that sounded like, “Hey, look, there’s a SKAWpion.”

“What?” I asked.

“Right there,” he said. “A SKAWpion. Oh, it’s going away.”

I looked where he indicated – the concrete walkway outside the glass window we were sitting by. And sure enough, there was indeed a SKAWpion.

Except we Americans pronounce it “scorpion.”

Found in Laity Lodge Bookstore, Photo by Jennifer Dukes-Lee.

The Truth is Too Fragile, Photo by Marcus Goodyear.

Editors Retreat at Laity Lodge – 76 photos by Laura Boggess (on Facebook).

Farewell Frio – Photo by Jennifer Dukes-Lee.

Thank you, Marcus Goodyear – Photo by Jennifer Dukes-Lee.

Dr. Robert Mulholland speaking – Photo by Dan King.

There is so much love here – Photo by Kelly Sauer.

Dude, I just totally made this – Photo by Dan King.

Arts and craft time – Photo by Jennifer Dukes-Lee.

I love these people – Photo by Jennifer Dukes-Lee.

On the Frio – Photo by Jennifer Dukes-Lee.

The High Calling Retreat – Photos by Tim Miller (on Facebook).

Bluff at sunrise – Poem by Glynn Young.

An Element of the Sacred by Glynn Young.

The official High Calling “Hard Hat” photo – taken during the tour of the new Family Camp under construction at Laity Lodge.

Photograph: View from the Family Camp Worship Center, Laity Lodge. Kelly Sauer is at far left, with Tim Miller ("SKAWpion") next to her.


Sandra Heska King said...

Just a few of these I've missed. Love this place. Scorpions and all.

Mary Sayler said...

Oh, I pray you all will join (and start!) conversations in the new group on LinkedIn for Christian Poets, Writers, Editors, Artists, and Other communicators for Christ. I also pray each member will see This "High Calling" as mission and realize, yes, they're included! God bless you all.

Christine said...

I wrote a poem too, about trying to appreciate the sky on a dark, starry night:

Megan Willome said...

Didn't know it was Westlake Pres. That church is about two miles from my parents' house. They used to do a free lunch once a week for high schoolers.

Laura said...

Loved those folks from Westlake, Megan! Especially Flo. Thanks for these, Glynn. I missed some of them too.

S. Etole said...

Looking forward to reading the ones that I missed.

Unknown said...

What fun! I enjoyed the virtual visit. Thank you.

Cheryl said...

As if I didn't have enough browser tabs open already... :) Checking them all out now. Thanks for this, Glynn.

Unknown said...

Jennifer's "On the Frio" is really cool.

Marcus Goodyear said...

Glynn, this is one for the archives. I'm going to keep this FOREVER.

David Rupert said...

Really a fine collection. Who knew?