Saturday, February 16, 2013

Broken Hallelujahs

Shards of hallelujahs
litter the floor, shredded like
waste paper, forgotten, not made

I was here once before,
walking on broken hallelujahs,
the cuts leaving a blood path

Hymn-less, I sing a song
bordered in gray, etched
in black, pushing my words

into the chorus of night, hearing
the broken response, the fading
echo of broken hallelujahs

Over at dVerse Poets, the Poetics prompt today is all about Leonard Cohen. To see more poems submitted, please visit dVerse Poets.

Painting: December by Gerhard Richter (1990), St. Louis Art Museum.


Brian Miller said...

the broken response...the echo back..that is reassuring isnt it...i walked those glass lanes myself before...smiles.

Anonymous said...

It is.

Mary said...

Whew, broken Hallelujahs. You have described them so well.

Unknown said...

"Shards of hallelujahs" <-- gorgeous line

S. Etole said...

Reminds me of the icicles today.

lucychili said...

yes great description of the contrast between the hallelujah and the jaggedness of the song

helen tilston said...

A thought provoking post and I am looking forward to reading your earlier posts. I found you through a comment of a mutual blogger. Your name Glynn is also my maiden name and I smiled as many used call me by my last name.

I am your new follower.


Jerry said...

Under the sun,hallelujah's often are separated and lay often on the ground in shards. Yet, redemption can mix the blood with the shards into a wonderful mosaic. Beautiful poem of tension.

Robbie Pruitt said...

It's very good. . .