Monday, February 11, 2013

God’s Plan for Work

A colleague and I were talking about the value of work—why we perceive some work as more important or “worthy” than other work, and how that spills over to the perception that some people are more valuable than others.

“We all share the same inherent value,” I said. “Whether we’re the CEO or the janitor, we each have the same inherent value.”

“Oh, I don’t believe that,” my colleague said. “Some people are clearly more valuable than others.”

“To be sure, we have different skills and levels of skills and talents,” I said. “But we share the same inherent value. Don’t confuse the talent and skill with the worth of the person.”

She still disagreed. The notion was too strong an assault on what she had been taught in school and by her own experience.

To continue reading, please see my post today on Tim Keller's Every Good Endeavor at The High Calling.


Adithya Shetty said...

Nicely written!

Daniel Dydek said...
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Daniel Dydek said...

Hey Glynn! I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! It might not be much but a thought, but there it is.

Thanks for your wonderful words!