Saturday, February 9, 2013

Letting words take flight

He dreamed for years,
until the dream formed
words, and sentences formed
story, and story formed yet
another dream. The dream
became real, tearing the walls
of his mind, seeking escape
to become other dreams,
others’ dreams. He held it,
still, until it made
an unconditional demand.
He opened bloodied palms
and watched words take flight.

This poem is submitted to dVerse Poets, where the Poetics prompt today is “The Art of Letting Go.” To see more poems, please visit dVerse poets.

Photograph by Richard Spencer via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Brian Miller said...

nice...and true man...we have to let that baby we have born and cared for go...knowing not everyone will treat it well....when we write....and when we live....smiles.

Claudia said...

nice when the words take flight...and they only can if we let go...nice...

diana said...

This - I love. So true, so hard, so right.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

How well this describes the process of writing a story! I love the line ". . .seeking escape to become other dreams, others' dreams."
Just beautiful, Glynn!

Anonymous said...

flutters from within
made their way
crying psalms
shining stars
into the night

SimplyDarlene said...

I've read this twice and got a different meaning each time.

... and that miss Nance, she always leaves such purty words in comment boxes, aye?


kelvin s.m. said...

...nice how things go & become from just a simple thought to letting of words that commands & demands... Smiles...

Lady In Read said...

other dreams, others' dreams:)
enjoyed this read....

Laurie Kolp said...


Dave King said...

It reads like phantasy but stays within the real Inspired.

Kathy Reed said...

..hmm, bloodied palms..words from the heart let out...let go...nice ;)

lucychili said...

writing is like this
painting too
vivid poem