Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The colors we know

Spectacle corporate
spectacle personal
spectacle by kings and queens

there is no spectacle
like a Fat Tuesday spectacle
a spectacle in New Orleans

the colors we are raised with
the colors we absorb
our history, our science, our math

no purple without gold
no gold without green
three colors marking our path.

Over at Tweetspeak Poetry, Seth Hanies has an “associative poetry prompt” to blend some colors. And today being Mardi Gras in my hometown of New Orleans, I could think of no better colors than purple, gold and green. Unless it’s the other 364 days of the year, when green is dropped and purple and gold remain (the official colors of LSU). 


Robbie Pruitt said...

Nice poem Glynn! We are gearing up for Carnival here is Haiti and it is already starting to get "loud. . . " Looking forward to the color from the gray . . .

Martha Jane Orlando said...

A fun and vibrant poem, Glynn! Makes me want to have pancakes for dinner. :)