Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poetry at Work: Workplace Creativity

I’m about to share the secrets of how I work.

My work takes almost entirely in the digital world: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, web sites, email, online news and trade publications, webinars, online meetings, phone conferences. I am in virtual Mumbai one moment and Marshall, Missouri, the next. It’s rare for me to physically see many of the people I work directly with – people in offices in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Brussels, London, Washington, Calgary.

It’s fast-paced work, often hectic, sometimes resembling the frenzy of Wall Street or the Chicago Board of Trade. Most times it’s straightforward work, with a rhythm and pace to it like most other work. A few times, it’s like wading through a swamp, dealing with the dark side of the human condition; people will say anything, reveal anything, and sometimes threaten anything
that they would never dream of doing face-to-face.

This is when I turn to poetry, in three different ways.

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Photograph by George Hodan via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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