Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hymnals and Prayers

We don’t use hymnals in church
any more, the songs are all there
in the bulletin or on the screen,
but hymnals do make good back
support in uncomfortable pews
so we keep them at the ready.

We don’t say the Lord’s Prayer
or the Apostle’s Creed like we
used to say it, the way I grew up
saying it, using those words
King James heard, but I stubbornly
keep saying art and hallowed and thy
and trespasses and imagine the King
smiling with his divine translators.

Photograph by Petr Kratochvil via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Jody Lee Collins said...

I concur, there is nothing like the King's English--KJV was my first and favorite Bible.

Anonymous said...

and i
i like the hymns in the hymnal
but i
i am old of a fashion