Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Good Reads: The Swollen Road Collective

A few years back, D.C. Lutz had an epiphany of sorts. He heard his young son tell his mother that his heart was “glowing green.” Lutz realized that his own heart had not been glowing any color for some time, and so he created a way to do that.

That way is the Swollen Road Collective.

The Collective is poetry, photography, and “anything in between.” Lutz travels a lot of back roads, and his poetic eye is interchangeable with his photographic eye. Consider the visual qualities of this poem, “Red Hair and Clouds:”

The red haired woman talks to her heart
As if it really cares that she is weak
     And in need of wheels, and water
She dismisses the truth
     That we will soon see clouds
Life will name them for us, tell us what they mean
My younger father,
He will tell us what they are saying
And we will pretend to understand, as to not disappoint
But it is the clouds that will be disappointed,
Not my father
Red’s wheels will be just fine
As far as us, I think so too.

I’ve been following the Swollen Road Collective for some time, and I don’t remember how I first discovered it. Likely it was the poetry. Lutz doesn’t post daily, but when he does, it’s always worth reading, and always worth considering.

And, yes, I think his heart is glowing colors now.

Photograph: Fencing, by D.C. Lutz at The Swollen Road Collective.

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Anonymous said...

a very nice introduction. i think that i will follow-along for a while.