Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Good Reads

Is the age of the true believer over? Read Hugh Whelchel at Faith, Work & Economics for an interesting answer. And the Christian Post reports that a panel of a Christian pastor, a liberal author and an atheist agrees that modern liberals have turned free speech into tribal argument, and are turning universities into places of cultural inquisition.

Good poetry, a story about America’s forgotten missionaries, what Peggy Noonan’s worried about, and a wonderful doodle about The Screwtape Letters.


The Island – Brendan MacOdrum at Oran’s Well.

Burning Bridges – Natasha Head at The Tashtoo Parlour.

Farewell October – Chris Yokel.

She Grew Up to be a Poet – Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Amenadoodledo – John Blase at The Beautiful Due.


What is the Path to Your Greatest Fulfillment? – Hugh Whelchel at Faith, Work & Economics.

America’s Forgotten Missionaries – Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest.

Remaining Pure of Heart – Mick Silva.

A Celebration of the Saints – Seth Haines.

The Voice That Wakes the Dead – Matthew Van Maastricht at thealreadynotyet.

Life and Culture

Slighting Syria's Christians - Mark Movsesian at First Things.

Peggy Noonan’s Worry – Mark Bauerlein at First Things.

Art and Photography

Teasel Test – Tim Good at Art of Tiwago.

Ellen and the Winter Wolves – Jamin Still at The Rabbit Room.

Doodling the Screwtape Letters

Top photograph by C. Sandes Anderson via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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