Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Have You Ever Fallen in Love with One of Your Characters?

Something strange happened to me as I was writing my third novel, Dancing King. I fell in love with one of the characters.

Perhaps “fell in love” is too strong. “Became fascinated with” might be more apt. It was a character who came seemingly out of nowhere, a minor character, in fact, one whose presence wasn’t crucial to the story.

The character was born out of the need to plug a hole. The main characters were trying to fill a position and not having much success. Their problem was actually the author’s fault – it was the author who wasn’t having much success figuring out what to do. 

The problem didn’t solve itself; I had planned on this minor character, but it was going to be a tiny, short-lived role, unrelated to the unfilled position. And then, for his short scene, he wouldn’t leave the page.

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Photograph by Karl Frederickson viaUnsplash. Used with permission.

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