Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Poets and Poems: Sofia Starnes and “The Consequence of Moonlight”

The Consequence of Moonlight, the latest collection of poetry by former Virginia poet Laureate Sofia Starnes, reads like a vivid dream. The words, phrasings, and language are almost dreamlike, rather lush, clouded edges that lead the poems from one into another. The 70 poems of the collection are independent and yet not; the reader gradually becomes aware of consistent themes and images. 

And yet it’s not all clouded edges. These poems, in their own quiet way, ask vivid questions about relationships, childhood, faith, belief, understanding, and perception. They are like what the title suggests – moonlight may be dreamy and romantic, but it also highlights, accentuates, and often brings into sharp relief. Moonlight has its consequences.

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