Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Story of the Second Chance

I was raised a Missouri Synod Lutheran, courtesy of my mother. I was raised with a strong Protestant work ethic, courtesy of my father (who was himself raised a Southern Baptist). Both of those influences fused me into something of an overachiever, although only for those things where I felt I had a chance to overachieve. Academics were one area. Sports were not. 

Until my senior year in college, my life followed that overachiever pattern. Set goals, achieve them, surpass them, and then set new goals. As a college freshman, I set several goals, and kept adding to them. 

By the middle of my senior year, I had achieved or overachieved everything. All the positions, honors, accolades, recognitions – I had captured them all, including being the managing editor of the student newspaper for my final semester – the position that ran everything in the paper except the editorial page. I had the power position on the paper, likely as powerful as any student office on the campus.

Nothing was left. Nothing. 

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Elisabeth said...

Hi Glynn!

I enjoy your posts, and noticed several times lately that when I try to click over to another site to continue reading, you haven't included the link or it doesn't work. I figured you'd want to know1

Glynn said...

Elizabeth - that was because I had scheduled the post before I had the link - and then forgot to add the link once I had it. Sorry about that. It's there now. Or you can click here: