Thursday, January 10, 2019

“Something Blue” by Emma Jameson

A gala at a posh London hotel leaves the host, an oil tycoon with a recent environmental disaster on his hands, murdered in his suite. Chief Superintendent Anthony Hetheridge of Scotland Yard, aka the Baron of Wellgrave, is called in to investigate. His team includes Detective Sergeants Deepal Bhar and Kate Wakefield. Kate, born and raised in London’s East End, is shortly to become Mrs. Hetheridge, aka the Baroness of Wellgrave.

The gala has attracted a host of interesting types – and a host of suspects: the tycoon’s estranged wife and son, his current fiancée, and the American psychic he’s been having a fling with; Hetheridge’s own daughter, whom he didn’t know existed until investigating a previous case; the hotel manager and security man; IT people who may (or may not) have tampered with the hotel’s CCTV; and Sir Duncan Godington, the Scotland Yard team’s nemesis from an earlier murder. 

Something Blue is the third in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge mystery series by Emma Jameson. Like its predecessors, it’s a conscious blend of mystery and comedy, with several minor characters as well drawn and convincing as the main characters. And like its predecessors, Hethridge has to battle Scotland Yard politics, scurrilous reports in the tabloids about Kate and the wedding, and well-placed and well-titled suspects who are always prepared to pull strings. 


Top photograph by Mavis CW via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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