Monday, January 14, 2019

“The Boy Who Hit Play” by Chloe Daykin

Elvis Crampton Lucas is 12, and he doesn’t know where he came from. What he does know is that his father George found him as a baby on a bench at the zoo, wrapped in a Norwegian newspaper. He loves his father (even if he did name him after three music CDs) but he wants to know his story. 

Accompanied by his father and his father’s best friend, Lloyd, he travels to Norway. Very little about the trip goes as planned – including the discovery that they’re being shadowed and somewhat threatened by Lloyd’s brother. Elvis will eventually succeed on his quest, but it won’t be what he imagined or expected.

Chloe Daykin
The Boy Who Hit Play by Chloe Daykin is the story of Elvis and his journey. It’s aimed at roughly the 10-13 age group (I bought it thinking it might be a Christmas present for an 8-year-old; it’s just a bit beyond that) but it’s an entertaining read for adults as well. It’s completely credible as an account by a 12-year-old; you realize that this author must be the mother of boys (and she is.)

Daykin is the author of Fish Boy (2017), a widely acclaimed story about a boy’s loneliness and friendship that won a number of prizes and recognitions. A third novel is scheduled for publication in June 2019. She lives with her family in Northumberland in England.

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