Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Romancing the Billionaire, Part 1

Billionaires. it’s its own sub-genre in romance novels, and by all accounts it’s a thriving niche for writers and readers. 

Kimberley Monpetit has written five novels in A Secret Billionaire Romance series, six in the Snow Valley Series, three in the Paris & Pastry Romance Series, and other romance stories. Two of her novels in A Secret Billionaire Romance series are The Neighbor’s Secret and The Billionaires’s Christmas Hideaway. What they have in common is that both stories have heroines who’ve been done wrong by their boyfriends or fiancés, and then go on to find their true loves.

In The Neighbor’s Secret, it’s Allie Strickland’s wedding day. She arrives at the church in Toronto, ready to marry the man she thinks of as the love of her life. The marriage doesn’t happen. Her groom-to-be sends a text, saying that something’s come up with the legal case he’s working on, and he needs to postpone the wedding. Heartbroken and not a little angry, Allie returns to her hometown of Heartland Cove, a small village in New Brunswick famous for its covered bridge. She rents an old house and is relaxing in her bath one evening when the bathroom door is opened by a tall, handsome stranger.

Benjamin Ethan Miles III is the unexpected intruder. He’s a few years older than Allie and grew up in Heartland Cove as well. He’s a photographer, and he’s using the name of Ethan Smith, trying to ferret out graft and corruption in the mayor’s office. But, as Allie soon discovers, there’s a whole lot more about Ethan than she realizes.

It’s a story filled with humor; the novel contains a number of laugh-out-loud scenes. And we laugh as we watch Allie and Ethan circle each other.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Hideaway is Book 5 in A Secret Billionaire Romance series. Reve Chatham is in her early 30s, working as an executive in the family’s burgeoning pharmaceutical business. She’s a billionaire in her own right. She is finishing a business dinner when she sees her boyfriend, whom she’s expecting a proposal and ring from any day, sitting at dinner with another woman, and he actually offers a ring to his date.

Kimberley Monpetit
Feeling completely betrayed, Reve decides she won’t go with her family for the annual holiday trip to visit family in India. Instead, she flies to Taos to spend two weeks with her old college roommate. Living next door (or at the next ranch) is Logan Redmond, who operates the local rent-all store. Reve finds herself strongly attracted to Logan, but she knows they come from backgrounds so radically different that a relationship could never work. But it’s Christmas, and all kinds of things can happen – and be discovered.

Monpetit also writes middle-grade novels for Scholatic and Young Adult novels for HarperCollins under the name Kimberley Griffiths Little. She lives in Texas. 

Both The Neighbor’s Secret and The Billionaire’s Christmas Hideaway are enjoyable, easy-to-read stories. And, yes, they have their billionaires.

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