Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday silence

After Mark 15:42-47

It is not the nothing day,
although it’s common 
to think of it as that,
a bridge between
the Friday of death
and the Sunday of life.
But it is preparation day,
actually, the time to be
used to prepare for Sabbath.
The body is sought.
The body is granted,
The body is taken down.
The body is wrapped in linen.
The body is taken to the tomb.
The body is placed there.
The stone is rolled to seal the tomb.
The body is left in darkness.
It is the day of preparation.
It is the day before Sabbath.

It is the day they hide themselves away,
the day they tremble in fear,
the day they expect the pounding
on the door, the day their fate
becomes what his has been.
But it is not that day, yet.
It is the day of preparation,
and the Sabbath comes.

Photograph by Maithilee Shetty via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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