Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Romancing the Billionaire, Part 2

When it comes to romance stories involving billionaires, you shouldn’t be surprised to find credulity stretched. The trick is to accept the story at face, assume the improbable can and does happen, and go with the story flow. 

In The Executive’s Secret by Kimberley Monpetit, Caleb Davenport has become a self-made billionaire at 28 years old. He and a group of friends from high school have created a shopping app that has a worldwide audience. He’s got just about everything he could wish for, except love. He’s still morning the one that didn’t exactly get away; he was one of the “computer nerds” in high school and had a huge crush on Kira Bancroft, a girl who didn’t even know he existed. He had found her necklace at a piano recital she had given, and he kept it with him, hoping one day to find her and give it back.

Caleb returns from a sales and marketing trip to Asia and meets his friends at a well-known restaurant in Denver. And their server turns out to be none other than Kira, who gave up her education at Julliard and returned home to care for her parents, after her father was paralyzed in a trucking accident. Her mother’s showing signs of dementia, and Kira can barely keep their lives together.

Kira doesn’t remember Caleb from high school; they never met, and he never had the courage to introduce himself. But Caleb remembers Kira, and he’s still madly with her. But Caleb is harboring a secret, once he doesn’t want to admit to Kira.

Monpetit has written five novels in A Secret Billionaire Romance series, six in the Snow Valley Series, three in the Paris & Pastry Romance Series, and other romance stories. She also writes middle-grade novels for Scholastic and Young Adult novels for HarperCollins under the name Kimberley Griffiths Little. She lives in Texas.

The Executive’s Secret is an engaging story of two people, broken in different ways, reaching towards each other.

In 28 Days with a Billionaire by Kimberly Krey, Camilla Lopez is an executive chef, catering and cooking for wealthy people in California. An accident involving quail eggs smashed on a guest’s jacket leads to Camilla and her business being smeared on social media. She’s now having trouble finding work, until she happens into a job on the other side of the country. She has been hired to cook for a billionaire for a month.

James Benton has forgotten how eggs were smashed on his jacket, but he’s having trouble dealing with the death of a brother. After a blowup on a reality TV show, he goes off to spend a month at an estate, and he soon discovers that the chef whose eggs landed on his jacket has been hired to cook for him. She makes great food. She also doesn’t kowtow to anyone, no matter how much or little they’re worth. James and Camilla find themselves deeply attracted to each other, but both have baggage that could destroy any hope for the long term.

Krey is the author of numerous romance novels and is known as the “queen of clean steam.” Her series include the Benton Brothers Romance novels, the Unlikely Cowgirl stories, Cobble Creek Small Town Romance, Sweet Montana Bride, Second Chance, and several others – more than 25 novels in all.

28 Days with a Billionaire is a story of improbable romance becoming improbable love.  And a lot about food.


Top photograph by Danilo Capece via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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