Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Romancing the Billionaire, Part 4

You find billionaires in some unexpected places. Like a college campus. And a mountain cabin in Montana.

Colin Fitzgerald is a professor in his late 30s. He studies mushrooms. What most people don’t know is that he’s also extremely wealthy. He’s also quiet, shy, and isn’t interested in dating. He thinks.

Abby Summerhill is in her mid-30s, and she’s convinced herself she’s still in love with the old boyfriend. This is the guy who uses her to clean his garage or his basement while he chases women he’s interested in. Friends tell her to drop him, but he seems to be all she’s got, so she hangs on. Perhaps a date with someone else might get the boyfriend’s attention. 

A friend fixes her up with Colin, and the date is a disaster. And then Colin hires her to teach him how to be a better date. And Abby begins to learn that the professor without social charms is not at all what he appears. It’s a sweet story – and you’ll also learn a lot about mushrooms.

Blind Date with a Billionaire Professor by Evangeline Kelly tells the story of Colin and Abby. Abby has to learn how to unhinge herself from a relationship, while Colin has to learn how to have a relationship in the first place. It’s a story of broken people finding their way to each other and within themselves. The Christian fiction novel is part of Kelly’s “Blind Date Disasters” series, and it’s actually fun to watch someone teaching someone else how to be a good date.

In Her Secret Billionaire Roommate by Bree Livingston, Livy Weber is a highly successful romance writer. With a scarred childhood in a series of foster families, Livy has grown up to rely upon herself. But being dropped by the guy she thought loved her has left her bereft and with a major case of writer’s block. Her agent rents a cabin for her in Montana and tells her she needs to get to work. Not to mention the fact that it’s rumored that her publisher is about to be acquired by a much bigger publisher, one that always expects its writers to meet deadlines.

Gabe Saxon is packed off by his mother to their cabin in Montana. He’s worked himself to exhaustion and actually collapsed at work. He’s running the family publishing business, and he’s driving himself to forget how he things he disappointed his father and to wipe out the memories of being left at the altar by the woman he thought he loved. 

The cabin in question, turns out to be the same place for Livy and Gave. One of Gabe’s employees had been quietly renting it without the family knowing anything about it. He’s not happy to find Livy already there. Soon he realizes that he will be acquiring her publisher. And then a snowstorm arrives.

It’s a fun story, with a lot about writing and publishing, and about families, both broken and whole. It’s occasionally a stretch to suspend belief with a few scenes, but this is romance, and you end up just going with the story.


Top photograph by Ian Keefe via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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