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Saturday Good Reads - Sept. 30, 2023

The event in question happened during the Bush Administration, was litigated during the Obama Administration, and continued through the Trump and Biden Administrations. It’s hard to get more bipartisan than that. The vent is the long-sought extradition of Julian Assange, for publishing in WikiLeaks the information provided by Chelsea Manning. Assange’s wife, Stella Assange, published an article in the London Evening Standard, and it’s worth reading to see the Assanges’ side of the story.

Author Mike Duran is publishing a second edition of his non-fiction book Christian Horror. It’s a fiction genre that has a growing body of readers, and Mike explains what’s behind the new edition.


Back in the 1980s, I discovered science fiction. I was captivated by authors like Robert Silverberg, Arthur Clarke, Jerry Pournelle, and a lot of others. I found my way to Frank Herbert and the Dune novels, and they were a marvelous read (I never thought of cinnamon in quite the same way after reading them). Ryan Britt at Literary Hub writes about how the Dune novels came to be


More Good Reads


Life and Culture


Flapper Economics – Philip Jeffrey at American Compass.


The wellspring of woke – Laurie Wastell at The Critic Magazine.


Michael Gambon was so much more than Professor Dumbledore – Alexander Larman at The Spectator.


American Stuff

Missed America: Attacking the right without asking about the left – Johann Neem at The Hedgehog Review. 

William Faulkner’s Last Words & the American Dilemma – M.E. Bradford at The Imaginative Conservative.

News Media

Forget collusion, Was “interference” also fake news? And Timeline: DARPA and the DNC Hack – Matt Taibbi at Racket News.

Writing and Literature


George Orwell: Terrific Writer, Terrible Husband – Joel Miller at Miller’s Book Review.


A Dazzling Dozen – Joseph Pearce at The Imaginative Conservative.


“To Be a Writer, You Must Write:” How Joan Didion Became Joan Didion – Evelyn McDonnell at Literary Hub




The elephant in the avant-garde – James Steven Curl at The Critic Magazine.




Crowned – Kristin Couch at The Palest Ink.


New “Gospel” Manuscript Discovered? – Michael Kruger at The Gospel Coalition.


What Smaller Churches Get Wrong When They Look at Bigger Churches – Tim Wilson at Affinity.


3 Times You Should Disobey Authority – Jonathan Leeman at Crossway.


Lives of the Wild Saints – Paul Kingsnorth at The Abbey of Misrule.




Nazi-linked veteran received ovation during Zelenskyy’s Canadian visit – Kyle Duggan at Politico. 


Crown Him with Many Crowns – Michael W. Smith

Photograph by David Lezcano via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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