Friday, September 22, 2023

The woman weeps

After Luke 7:24-50

In the crowd, curious,

she hears him speak,

his words cutting into

her heart, burning

like hot coals, and she

stumbles away, tears

streaming, wandering

the streets, ignoring or

not hearing the usual

taunts and insults

hurled at her. She hears

nothing but his words,

burning words. She sees

him again, at the table

in the house of the Pharisee,

and she defies convention

and enters, kneeling

before the man who spoke

the words. She lets down 

her hair in submission and

love, and anoints his feet

with her tears.


Photograph by Stephany Lorena via Unsplash. Used with permission.

Some Friday Readings


Guilt, Grief, & “Metanoia” – Joseph Mussoneli at The Imaginative Conservative.


Taste and See: A Review of Christian Poetry in America Since 1940 – Eric Potter at Front Porch Republic.


From The Five Quintets – poem by Micheal O’Siadhall. 


Making the most of things: time and trajectory – Andrew Roycroft at Thinking Pastorally.

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Martha Jane Orlando said...

This is beautiful, indeed, Glynn!