Sunday, September 17, 2023

The sinner and the saint

After Luke 7:36-50

The woman weeps and anoints

his feet; the man, the host, a man

known to follow the law, likely

congratulates himself for inviting

the man to dine. How freethinking. 

How liberal. How progressive. 

But the guest points out what’s

obvious: that the woman 

of contrition, the woman

of weeping, loves him more

than the man who follows

the law.


Photograph by Mahdi Bafande via Unsplash. Used with permission.

Some Sunday Readings


“I Open the Window” – poem by Jane Hirschfield at Literary Hub.


The State We’re In – Matthew Hosier at Think Theology.


Bible debates, ancient and modern: why did the early church choose only four gospels? – Richard Ostling at Get Religion. 

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Martha Jane Orlando said...

Yes, she does! So beautifully expressed here, Glynn.