Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three pearls

The colors of the pearl
sing of sunrises and
skies, conceived
in the imagination
of an oyster who
has seen neither.
The pearl and
its colors are all
the oyster has,

A pearl starts life
an insignificant,
worthless piece
of grit, fractioned
and juiced to be
something it isn’t
and never intended
to be.

It was a treasure,
a pearl. It was
hidden, it was
left in plain sight.
It was sold and
it was desired and
It was a treasure,
a pearl.

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Sheila said...

Oh, Glynn. I'm going to be thinking on this today:

and juiced to be
something it isn’t
and never intended
to be.

I feel that way sometimes.

And that third stanza? I want to sing it.

Thanks for this.

Pat Hatt said...

A pleasure to read your pearl treasure
Some things you can't measure
Still like to find a big one though
Then sell it for dough
Thanks to it's pearly glow
Now I will go

Megan Willome said...

I like the idea of an oyster creating something it has never seen.

S. Etole said...

A pearl of great price ... the rare ones so costly.

Unknown said...

Pearls so perfectly formed in such an strange environment loved your poem ...thanks for sharing

Claudia said...

it always gives me hope to think about how pearls are made...through pressure and suffering...just like in real life... a beautiful piece glynn

Anonymous said...

The pearl is mysterious but simple,
a treasure made of nothing.

An excellent contemplation

hedgewitch said...

Very fluid play between these three pearly interludes, each one with its own freight, yet each revolving the facets of the poem harmoniously. The first is my favorite if I had to pick, but can't fault any of them for insight and fine language.

Brian Miller said...

beautiful man...great progression through each of these...the second though is my fav as i know a few pearls...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flow - strong writing

Lisa said...

Beautiful, and fascinating.

Anonymous said...

this was thought provoking to me. It's bit like growing in one's craft. Thank you

Anonymous said...

A pearl is something so worthy of deep thought and I'm surprised we don't see more poetry written about it. One of life's most beautiful occurences. Nicely done!


Anonymous said...

naturally, this has many layers...