Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Good Reads

A seminarian writes on why younger men need older men. An answer to the question of “following your passion.” Insight on what is really wrong with the church. Do you have an inner artist, and does it matter? A woman tells the story of cancer. We’re beginning to figure out the cost of relativism, and Rod Dreher (aka Crunchy Con) thinks Ferguson may be lost.

Interesting, important things. Vital things.


Receiving “What Is” – Richard Chess at Image Journal.


How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You Are - Graham Moore. (I reviewed his mystery novel The Sherlockian yesterday.) (Hat tip to Jared Gilbert.)

Faith and Work

Why Heart Matters More than Passion – Jon Mertz at Thin Difference.

Listening to God Talking – Doug Spurling at Spurling Silver.


The Art of Honoring – Jason Stasyszen at Connecting to Impact.

Kara Tippetts Documentary at Mundane Faithfulness (hat tip to Monica Sharman).

Older Men, Younger Men Need You – Paul Maxwell at Desiring God.

I Finally Figured Out What Is Really, Really Wrong With the Church - Matt Appling at The Church of No People.

A Season of Waiting – Martha Orlando at Meditations of My Heart.

Pain Management – Ryan Dueck at Rumblings.

Photography, Painting and Art

A Painting is Done – Melissa Carter

Plant Design – Tim Good at Photography by Tiwago.

Through Winter – Jack Baumgartner at The School of the Transfer of Energy.


The Cost of Relativism – David Brooks at The New York Times.

The Death of Ferguson – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative.


Trashwalk Dancing – Amanda Hill at Hill + Pen.

Photograph of the Church of St. Nicholas in Prague by Rostislav Kralik via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Mary Sayler said...

Thanks for including my review, Glynn, and for giving us quick links to inspiring words on a variety of topics. I'll highlight this on the Christian Poets & Writers blog

JasonS said...

So many great posts and bloggers here and I'm so encouraged you included me, Glynn. You are such a wonderful encouragement to me through all your sharing and your own writing. Blessings to you!

Doug Spurling said...

Sure do appreciate you my friend. Thanks for thinking of me. Humbled & honored.