Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Good Reads

It was a good week for poetry (lots of poetry) and fun (The Piano Guys have a great version of “I Want You Bach!”). But nothing moved me quite as much as an audio recording by Seth Haines, who begins by talking about sitting in a church in Austin early one Sunday morning – hung over. Seth speaks to the brokenness in all of us.


The Church of Ted – Megan Hustad in The New York Times (Hat tip: Jim Schmotzer).

The Two Fasts – Seth Haines (Audio).

My Only Begotten Sin -- A.G. Harmon at Image Journal.


Be mine – Nancy Davis at Cornfields and Lightning Bugs.

The Last Café – Brendan MacOdrum at Oran’s Well.

“Lord, make me a bird…” – Jerry Barrett at Gerald the Writer.

For Troy (Childlike) – Seth Haines.

The Island – Chris Yokel.

In the City This Spring – Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Those of the Broken Cross – John Blase at The Beautiful Due.

Scars & Empty Vases - by Kevin Heaton at Curator Magazine

Photography and Art

Coping with the Winds – Diane Walker at Contemplative Photography.

Details of Three Ferns – Timothy Good at Photography by Tiwago.

Rembrandt is in the Wind – Russ Ramsey at The Rabbit Room.


Kites – via Ed Pilolla.

How “Christian” is Amish Fiction? – Mike Duran at deCompose.


Why Are the Humanities Deteriorating? – Mark Bauerlein at First Things.


Social Media Commitment Issues for Writers – Edie Melson at Novel Rocket.

Author Editor Insight – Travis Thrasher at The Journey is Everything.


The 1770s collide with the 1970s: I Want You Bach! - The Piano Guys:

Top photograph by Lubos Houska via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Jody Lee Collins said...

The recording/message of Seth's moved me. So powerful and honest and needed.
Thanks for this round up, Glynn.

Monica Kaye said...

Glynn, Oh how I love this post rich with inspiration. "Lord, Make me a bird" is something I say over and over. Thank you for gathering such beauty and sharing. It's bookmarked for a quiet hour of exploration and play very soon. Monica