Thursday, September 3, 2015

5 Strategies for Prolific Reading

In the past week, I’ve read a biography of Gino Bartoli, the Italian cycling champion; two novellas by noir detective writer Dashiell Hammett; three books of poetry; a children’s novel; and a book about a mission project in Uganda.

It was a slow week for reading.

My earliest memory of reading is sitting next to my mother as she read Grimm’s Fairy Tales to me, a child’s reading edition originally published in the 1920s. The story that stood out was “Hansel and Gretel,” with the children getting lost in the woods because the birds ate the bread crumbs they left for a trail. I believe I was three.

I still have the book, an oversized volume with a green cover and considerably “child-worn,” including my Crayola drawings on the inside covers.

To continue reading, please see my post today at Charity Singleton Craig’s place.

Photograph by George Hodan via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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