Monday, September 14, 2015

My New Business Site

In early 2000, I started my own consulting business. I had worked for a number of companies, but I was leaving one as part of a downsizing and I simply wasn’t ready to go to another. So I started my own consulting business. Three years later, I was hired by St. Louis Public Schools as the director of communications, and the following year went back to the corporate world.

My consulting business continued, in a small way. Occasionally I would be asked to write a speech for someone; I was a writer, editor and then Twitter manager for The High Calling; and I was an editor at Tweetspeak Poetry.

I had a “postcard” web site for the consulting business – essentially one page with a phone number and email address. This summer, that changed. With the help of The Willingham Enterprise (aka Lyla Lindquist and company), I now have a new business site,

It’s part blog, part links for communications news and resources, and part links for faith and work. Lyla did a wonderful job with the design and IT stuff (I will always call it “IT stuff); I couldn't be more pleased. Take a look and let me know what you think. I plan to blog weekly at the new site, and likely slightly less here at Faith, Fiction, Friends.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Retired??? I think not! :)
Webpage looks great, Glynn!

nancy marie davis said...

nice photo.
will check-out the site.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Well, look at you! Retired, nope :-) Lyla, lovely job as usual--SOOO professional. May God bring more business your way. Your talents are a treasure!

Unknown said...

Glynn, your new site looks great! Excited to see where it leads you, friend. And your CV? Wow. Impressive :)

diana said...

That LW is the best, right?? Looks great! And congrats - a great idea for someone as energetic (and maybe even a bit driven - in a very good way, that is!) as you are to move into as you continue to settle into retirement.' You're amazing.