Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Writing: The Right Reason

I was at a writer’s conference, carrying with me my selection of a work in progress like hundreds of others, scheduled for a meeting with both an editor and an agent. Like most of the people there, when not in a general session or a seminar, I spent a lot of time milling about, looking at the writers’ books for sale, talking to a few people, trying to understand what I was even doing there.

At one of the luncheons, a woman sat next to me, her arms full of books, papers, notebooks, purse, briefcase, and water bottle. She smiled expansively at the rest of us at the table and announced, “I am a writer.” Loudly. Loud enough so that the people at the next table turned their heads. 

She went on to tell us, knowing we were all phenomenally interested, that she was in her positive affirmation mode. Declaring herself to be a writer meant, as night followed day, that she was one. And she went on to explain what that meant.

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Martha Jane Orlando said...

This is a marvelous and thought-provoking article, Glynn. I did read in full at Christian Poets and Writers, but can't always comment there. I will ponder that question - am I leading, or being led by the Spirit? Praying it's the latter!

Glynn said...

Thanks, Martha! I often have to ask myself the question -- are you writing to write or writing to be published? I don't think I would want to be the "author" doing the rounds of writing conference speeches, smiling and waving to fans. It's not me.