Friday, November 16, 2018


After Psalm 1

Four paths to follow, or choose,
places to be, to stand (note to self:
standing is more active than being)

first path: advice from the wicked
second path: the way of sinners
third path: the seat of mockers
(note to self: watch for mockingbirds
on social media)

fourth path: the law

this is a choice, or a description
this is a statement of being
   or decisions faced

to delight in the law
to meditate on the law

meditate on the law?

write yes to the question,
   the questions

yes means life,
   a tree planted
   by streams of water
   flowing past
   trees bearing fruit
   when the time is come
   when no leaf dries and withers

no means death
   chaff blown away
   by the wind
   exiled from judgment
   torn from the righteous
   severed from life

the shepherd watches over his sheep

the answer is yes
the answer is no

the answer is one path
   not four
   not three
   not two


the path of delight
the path of meditation
the path of life

Photograph by Davide Foti via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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