Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday Good Reads

We’ve been watching “The Woman in White” on PBS, and it’s a good rendition of the Wilkie Collins novel, first published in 1860. At CrimeReads, Radha Vestal has an article on what we owe to this story – arguably one of the first crime thrillers. (The PBC series concludes tomorrow night, and right now we’re at a nail-biting pause.)

On Nov. 10, 1975, the ore-hauling ship Edmund Fitzgerald encountered an unexpected storm on Lake Superior and sank, with a loss of 29 lives. The next year, the sinking of the ship was immortalized in a song by Gordon Lightfoot. Jason Peters at Front Porch Republic has a meditation on November, borrowing some of Lightfoot’s words. 

Violet Nicholson was once a hugely best-selling poet in Britain but has fallen into obscurity. She’s buried in India, and Andrew Whitehead at BBC takes a look at the poet and her poetry (Hat Tip: J of India). 

Speaking of poets, Robert Koons at First Things Magazine has an article on T.S. Eliot – and his insights into culture, class, and populism. Andrew Prideaux at The Gospel Coalition talks about how the poetry of John Donne affected his life

More Good Reads


Adjusting to Darkness – Lisa Williams at Image Journal.

Fire: A Sestina for Soldiers – Malcolm Guite.

A Mystery – Daniel Kalwitter via Kingdom Poets.

Transhumanism – Joe Spring.

Writing and Literature

Weird Writers of History – Eleanor Parker at History Today.

Waymarks: Willa Cather and the Quest for Sacred Form – Jonathan McGregor at Image Journal.

Expert expounds Chesterton’s philosophy of literary criticism – Sarah Kaderbek at The Troubadour (Hat Tip: Monica Sharman).


Freedom That is Worth Fighting For – Kristin Brown at the Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics.

Difference -Bill Grandi at Cycleguy’s Spin.

Life and Culture

Surviving the Cultural Tsunami – Rod Dreher at American Conservative.

The Battle of Empty Minds: Can’t Anyone See Beyond the Hatred? – John Horvat at The Imaginative Conservative.

Art and Photography

Images of America: The Art of William Sidney Mount – Michael De Sapio at The Imaginative Conservative.

Grassology – Tim Good at Pixels.

“Music of the Night” by Countertenor Terry Barber

Painting: Portrait of Arvid Jarnefelt, oil on canvas by Eero Jarnefelt (1888)

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