Saturday, January 1, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - Jan. 1, 2022

If you ask a person to name the consequential wars in American history, the likely response is one of the following: the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Bradley Birzer at The Imaginative Conservation suggests we’re underrating the War of 1812 and how it changed the Republic.  

Eric Zemmour is running for president of France. He makes no apology for his politics, which is conservative-right, and he makes no apology for his religion, which is Jewish. For Christmas, Mr. Zemmour issued a holiday statement that few politicians or elected representatives would make about Christmas and Christianity, even if they are Christians themselves. 


Before he was a novelist (The Radetsky March), Joseph Roth was a journalist. He started working in Berlin as a reporter in 1920 and flowered for a decade. Then came Hitler and the rise of the Nazis. Malcolm Forbes at The Critic Magazine has the story.


More Good Reads


British Stuff


The Medieval Church at Reculver – A London Inheritance.


The Ghosts of Old London – Spitalfields Life.


American Stuff


Policies are not principles: The American culture of freedom – R.R. Reno at New Criterion.


Daniel Boone: A Frontiersman in Full – Rich Lowry at National Review.


Life and Culture


America Needs a Rebirth of Science – Scott Atlas, Jay Bhattacharya & Martin Kulldorff at National Review.


Why We Need Christmas – The Critic Magazine.


How We Changed Our Minds in 2021 – Bari Weiss at Common Sense.


The fallacies of the common good – Kim Holmes at New Criterion.




Of the Epiphany – John Beaumont at Kingdom Poets (D.S. Martin).


My Father, Dancing – Tony Barnstone at Literary Matters.


“Fields of Grass” and “Like Flowers” – Norma Pain at Society of Classical Poets.




The Crosses at the Cradle: The Stories Under the Ground – Samuel Heard at The Middle of Nowhere and Everywhere.


Ten Great Books to Read Together – Nathan Tarr at Desiring God.


Baby Singing ‘I’m Blessed’


Painting: Jewish man reading, oil on canvas (1870) by Edouard Brandon (1831-1897)

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