Saturday, January 22, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - Jan. 22, 2022

In recent weeks, many major media have published articles about what they see as a looming civil war in the United States – the real thing, not just red and blue sniping at each other over stolen elections or potential stolen elections. Not so fast, says journalist James Pogue, writing at UnHerd, pointing out that there’s much that the major media overlook or don’t understand.  

In a similar vein, a lot of conservative media have been publishing stories about the creating of the wokeness wave, that wokeness has run its course and a self-correction is underway. Not so fast, says N.S. Lyons at The Upheaval; the revolution isn’t over.


If you were asked where most writers might fall on the political spectrum, you would probably not be far off to say liberal / progressive / radical. Micah Mattix at The Spectator has a different take, and he writes about writing’s conservative impulse


More Good Reads


Life and Culture


What Secularization Did to the Self – Angela Franks at Church Life Journal.


Why I Dislike the Word ‘Capitalism’ – Dr. Anne Bradley at the Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics.


Enter the Metaverse: Unlike the Internet, the dawning digital environment promises autonomy from the physical world– Bruno Maçães at CityJournal. 


The global war on religion – David Landrum at The Critic Magazine.




Five Things I Learned as a Pastor’s Kid – Samuel James at Insights.


Good Bad Art and Bad Bad Art – Jonathan Rogers at The Rabbit Room.


Vulnerable conversation with TobyMac about grief and loss – 99.1 Joy FM.


3 Simple Ways to Flatten Your Neighbor – Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition.


Writing and Literature


Don Quixote: Saintly Knight – Brittany Guzman at The Imaginative Conservative.


Crossing the River Zbrucz: A short story by Isaac Babel, translated by Peter Constantine – Narrative Magazine. 


Mapping fiction: the complicated relationship between authors and literary maps – Veronica Esposito at The Guardian.




The port – Sonja Benskin Mesher.


Lockdown – Caitlyn Venniker at Society of Classical Poets.


To the Reader -- Vijay Seshadri at Literary Hub.


American Stuff


7 Iconic Figures of the American Frontier – Kyle Hoekstra at History Hit.


News Media 


Bitter Fruit: Marshall McLuhan and the Rise of Fake News – Graham Majin at Quillette.


I Just Called to Say I Love You – Pentatonix

Painting: Maid Reading in a Library, oil on canvas by 
Edouard John Menta (1858-1915).

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