Friday, January 14, 2022

They marvel

After John 7:14-24

They marvel, with grumble

implied, at the man who

teaches without learning,

without credential, who

hasn’t studied with experts

but only with those who

fashion wood for a living.

They marvel, with sarcasm

implied, suggesting he’s

a trickster, a charlatan,

a heretic of sleight of hand.

His answer pierces and

punctures, claiming

authority they themselves

desire but dare not claim,

holding up a mirror

to their accusations, seeing 

their real intent poisoning

their hearts, their desire

for worldly acclaim,

their fears for worldly status,

their anger at anything,


threatening their station,

threatening their self-perception.


Photograph by Saravaswa Tandon via Unsplash. Used with Permission

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