Saturday, June 18, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - June 18, 2022

The media seem awash in stories about misinformation, disinformation, fake facts, and other statements we used to call lies or distortions. A prime example has been the COVID pandemic, when disinformation seemed to engulf everything. Joelle Renstrom at Nieman Lab doesn’t point to the usual suspects but instead points out that science itself helps fuel a culture of misinformation. 

Guess who’s the latest hot new writer? Someone who died in 1976. Jeffrey Trachtenberg at The Wall Street Journal explains how the younger adult generation has discovered Agatha Christie.


The Jan. 6 Committee may be the big thing for the news media right now, but still going on is the war in the Ukraine. And not all Russians support their fearless leader. Vadim Smyslove at GQ talks about the Russian cultural drain – writers, actors, filmmakers and rock stars are leaving the country.


More Good Reads




Evangelicals and Whig History – Miles Smith at First Things Magazine.


The Longest Years of Ministry: Courage for Weary Pastors – Ray Ortlund at Desiring God.


How Did We Get Our Bible? – Michael Krueger at Canon Fodder.


Writing and Literature


The Hidden Life of Stories – Mary Gaitskill at Out of It.


The Birth of the Hardy Boys – Leslie McFarlane at CrimeReads. 


How Being a Ghostwriter Has Shaped My Fiction – Daniel Paisner at The Millions.


Life and Culture


Come and See – Melissa Kline at Story Warren.


What Are Bookstores For? – John-Paul Heil at First Things Magazine.


Churches, Polls, and a Few Lessons – Jeffrey Stivason at Gentle Reformation.


The Era of Free-Lunch Economics is Over – Brian Reidl at City Journal.




Not so perfidious Albion – Harry Phibbs at The Critic Magazine.


In Occupied Cities, Time Doesn’t Exist: Conversations with Bucha Writers – Ilya Kaminsky at Paris Review.


Pope Francis says Ukraine war was ‘perhaps somehow provoked’ – Angela Giuffrida at The Guardian.




A Living Poem – Seth Lewis.


Why This Time, Why This Place? – Michael Charles Maibach at Society of Classical Poets. 


Portugal – Curtis Yarvin at Imperial Melodies.


Like the Ocean – Kellie Haddock

Painting: Portrait of Gustave Geffroy. Oil on canvas (1895) by Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)

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