Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I call these short poems "Fragments" because they are pieces from other places -- comments I've left at places or just some doodlings.

Inside Out

She stares at white paper,
unsure, a bit tentative
at first. And then she finds,
or stumbles upon,
a stone to cross,
a stone to turn
inside out.

On Notice of “To Be Published”

These words from stones,
from a life lived,
from bits of data
infinitesimally small,
to pages shed by woods,
cycled and recycled to use
for beauty,
to help us see
what is there
and to savor the life
of the


The pieces are souls;
the shards, hearts.
The inside story begins
with a blue mist,
but warm.

Spin Top

I once knew a man who
had a spin top like
the one the woman had in
her closet with a
window and
he loved it.

The Poetry Editor

I have good
friends, who
alliterate and
tweet. I
only collect the
tweets and
see what hatches.

Photograph by Nancy Rosback at Poems and Prayers. Used with permission.


Anonymous said...

i remember some of these words. i just love your comment poems and doodlings.

thanks for using the photo, my friend.

Jeff Jordan said...

I really liked: "A stone to turn inside out."


Jeff Jordan said...

I really liked, "a stone to turn inside out."


Louise Gallagher said...


This one -- The inside story begins
with a blue mist,
but warm. -- this one felt like cinammon melting on warm buttered toast.

Jeff Jordan said...

Evidently, I liked it more than I even knew...must have gotten crazy with my computer...sorry about that.

Sandra Heska King said...

Love these. Never thought about saving some of my comments.

Maureen said...

I like all of these very much and remember a few of the places you left them. They leave that wonderful message "I see" because you do.

nAncY's image is one of my favorites.

Billy Coffey said...

You have such a talent, Glynn. Even your comments are poetry.

Anonymous said...

These make me smile. :)

S. Etole said...

a multi-gifted man you are ... very enjoyable reading ... and Nancy's photo is great, too

Duane Scott said...

Hey Glynn, wanted to let you know that I finally got all my subscriptions moved over to my new google reader account, so I'll be able to read your blog more regularly. Thanks for sticking with me, my friend!

~*Michelle*~ said...

This made me smile:

only collect the
tweets and
see what hatches

katdish said...

You are so clever, Glynn! I love this.

Kelly Sauer said...

I simply love that last one... *grin*