Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Do: Struggle

Both of my parents had been previously married—my mother once and my father twice. The odds were not good for a successful marriage, but they hung in there.

What it took me years to understand was how their previous marriages influenced everything, including the two children they had together. Divorce can create wariness about marriage that borders on pessimism, and often the expectation that this one, too, may be temporary.

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Anonymous said...

it's true. no one talks about their very personal struggles with people that they are not personal with.

when one person has be distracted away from the commitment, that person is not usually listening to reason at that point. and by the time they might be sorry for the distraction, the other person is wounded and unreceptive to forgiveness. the timing can continue to be off for having both in a place for reconciliation.

the distraction can happen to anyone at anytime. the distraction can be anything...even a good thing.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

You are so right Glynn. Divorce is no fun. I remember being called "one of those." Because I came from a "broken home." I also have an insecurity deep inside with family and marriage. It's a hard thing to shake.

On a good note. I finished your book last night : ) Recommended it on my blog, and wrote a 5 star review on Amazon. All of our experience must be good for writers. I was so amazed how you captured artists. Great job! So glad I got to meet you online.

S. Etole said...

Well said ...

H. Gillham said...

Great post -- I wish I could say something insightful here, but I am very grateful for the marriage I have and the example of Christian marriage modeled by my parents.

Always a good read here -- :)

caryjo said...

When I was married before, even though things were very abusing and sometimes dangerous, because we were Christians, and I had made that vow, I didn't want to be divorced. Finally, in '84, there was no choice. None. Had to take that move or the future would be terrible for me and my kids. WELL, a year later the Lord dropped my present husband into my life and for 26-1/2 years of marriage it has been wonderful. I never would have expected such joy from any source. It has changed my whole approach to many things... I am no longer imprisoned spiritually. So, even though I still, after all these years, am sorry that I, as a Christian, ended in divorce which might smear my Lord's name, the "new" marriage has been used as an example of how faithful and kind our Lord can be as we walk together with Him. Thanks for sharing this so straightforwardly and accurately.