Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Bang Theory

The word, then words,
singly, then erupting,
a drop, then a cascade,
light, divided, then segregated
from darkness, let there be
in the beginning, it was good
but they didn’t see, couldn’t
see, dust has no eyes, no
ears to hear, but they would
name, and the naming
was in the beginning and
it was good, all those words,
all those names.

Photograph by Maliz Ong via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Jerry said...

Love it Glynn. Interesting, I am sitting in front of a white word screen and looking for words. Got nothin' Peace.

Louise Gallagher said...


love this -- "dust has no eyes, no
ears to hear,"

Jody Lee Collins said...

" was good, all those words, all those names."

this is powerful--great write, Glynn.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Beautiful . . . all words coming from The Word and the Name above all Names. Love this!

Anonymous said...