Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Café Du Monde

To sit in the hottest part
of a hot summer’s day
in the most crowded part
of a touristed city
in the busiest establishment
on the busiest street
with the most taciturn waiters
in the world (outside of Paris)
to allow powdered sugar
to spill upon your clothes
to permit hot fried dough
to pass through your lips
to accept hot coffee
and chicory
with steamed milk
to seriously scald your tongue
while the river flows
behind you and above you
and history wraps around you
and inside you and through you
and the accents convince you
you are French, Spanish, African,
British, Creole, American, Irish,
Italian, Vietnamese and
Brooklynesque, Ninth Ward
and Garden District, a culture
and cuisine gumboed and
served on white rice,
is something akin
to perfection.

So the January poetry prompt at TweetSpeak Poetry is coffee and tea, and what better coffee than café au lait at Café Du Monde in New Orleans?

This poem is also submitted for Open Mike Night at dVerse Poets. To see other submitted poems, please visit the site – the links will be live at 2 p.m. Central time today.

Thinking about café au lait and beignets, I think I have just undone myself.


Maureen said...

I have never forgotten my first New Orleans cafe au lait and beignets. They are so not Starbucks!

I see you also like a coffee on a hot summer's day.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I knew you were referring to New Orleans as soon as I saw the word "chickory". :) Wonderful sensations in this poem, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Your poems are so well-PLACED. You make me want to go there.

Dawn said...

You took me right back to the French Quarter and I haven't been there in over 20 years. My old stompin' ground. This was delicious.

Brian Miller said...

ah wouldnt it be now...ha...i love coffee..and i love to visit new places...you took me there for a moment....

Anonymous said...

ah, sounds lovely & inviting

Laurie Kolp said...

YUM... I can taste them now... my favorite!!

SimplyDarlene said...

that middle bit "and chicory" - is the mouth of this poem - that's where you allow us to take it in.

(i like the actual shape of the poem too)


Patricia said...

Haven't been here in quite a while. Good to come back and see you're still going strong... like that hot cup of coffee. You own this one so well... so believable, so true... beautiful poem, Glynn.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Oh, Glynn, what a perfect poem picture of that place!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this hymn to delight. It builds to great effect through the micro-narrative of small events and into the macro-concern with history and culture. Good stuff!

vivinfrance said...

Enticing. I like the form of the poem, too.

Dauphine said...

That's not "Brooklynesque" you're hearing.
You sure you're a native?

Unknown said...

outstanding piece Glynn. Really crafted well. Love the meshing of culture, the settings. Been to Paris and there is that sense of capturing the vibe here. Such an excellent piece. Thanks