Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Good Reads: Sites I Visit Every Day (Part 2)

Here are a few more sites I visit on a daily basis. And the reasons is – they always have good stuff. Good writing. Good thoughts. Good stories. (And they post daily, which is why I visit them daily.)

Soulfari: Jay Cookingham lives in Hyde Park, New York, and writes about faith. He’s an author, artist, speaker, father (seven children) and also a cartoonist (if you haven’t seen Bad Sheep, you should).

Connecting to Impact: Jason Stasyszen is a pastor in Alaska; he always has something interesting to say. Jason is also a musician, with four worship albums.

Just Wondering: Diana Trautwein is a wife, mother, grandmother, spiritual director, former missionary, photographer – and writer.

It’s Rhyme Time: Patt Hatt has one of the more unusual poetry sites I’ve come across – it’s all about rhyme. He’s a novelist, children’s author, cat owner and rhymer.

Photography by Tiwago: Tim Good is a photographer, poet, a United Methodist Certified Lay Servant, former archeologist and current “government treehugger.”

Public Christianity: Fatha Frank writes about faith, books, spirituality, pop culture, and even the Baseball Hall of Fame.  

A Year of Rejoicing: I first met Louise Gallagher through her first blog, Recover Your Joy. Then she moved to A year of Making a Difference, and now it’s A Year of Rejoicing. She lives in Calgary, and spent some time living on the roof of a homeless shelter – in the winter – in Calgary – as a fundraiser.

St. Louis Patina: Chris Naffziger is a photographer in St. Louis; his blog is about documenting the architectural beauty of the metropolitan area, including the parts that are decaying and vanishing.

WayStationOne: Brian Miller is a poet, husband and father. He has a day job, but his is first and foremost a poet. I first met Brian via One Stop Poetry, and then at dVerse Poets.

Poetical Psyche: Fred Rutherford is a poet. And he writes some wonderful stuff. The man’s in love with language, and it shows.

Kelly Sauer: Kelly is a photographer. And a writer. She takes wonderful photos, and somehow turns engagement and wedding photos into stories. She’s a wife and mother. Too. And she did the photograph for my second novel, A Light Shining.

More to come. I read a lot of blogs. 


Jerry said...

Another great list! Thank you Glynn!

Louise Gallagher said...

LOL -- you made me laugh when I read your descriptor of me Glynn. A friend and I were just talking about doing that again.... but it may have to wait until next year!

Thanks for the inclusion. I now have to check out your list.

Fatha Frank said...

It would probably be easier to list what I don't write about, LOL. Thanks for the mention, Glynn. You don't know how much of an encouragement you are

diana said...

Wow. That's just about how articulate I can be about this. WOW. I've been grateful to receive kind words and affirmation from some wonderful people, but to be included on one of Glynn Young's lists? Holey moley, Mabel, bar the door. I think I've made it. (Not sure exactly where 'it' is, but the feeling is strong, nonetheless!) Thank you so much, Glynn. And as soon as I get my mama safely moved, I'll try to get back to the daily (or close to it) thing again...)

Anonymous said...

You are a quick reader with a sharp mind and a kind heart.

jasonS said...

Thanks so much, Glynn. I appreciate the mention, and I appreciate you more. :)