Thursday, March 24, 2016

Drowning in chocolate

Someone said it was like water
for chocolate, but I didn’t know
of they meant thick water or
thin chocolate, or haps
think chocolate because
there’s always room
for chocolate, especially that
of the dark variety, but milk
will do in a pinch, and white,
well, white chocolate is
a misnomer, I mean, it’s not
even real chocolate, more like
butter with a chocolate texture
but not a chocolate taste.

“Help me! Help me! I’m drowning”
said the wicked witch who
might have survived but
she wasn’t drowning in chocolate.

But we are, in fact, drowning
in chocolate, because we’re
drowning in poetry, and
chocolate is like a poem, no?
It’s a break, a relief, a respite,
a distraction, a hobby, a fixation,
a focus, a passion, an addiction
the world simply must have
or else the world cannot function.
The world could never function
without its chocolate,
without its poetry,
no matter who is running
for President.

Chocolate isn’t like
an election, but that’s
another story.

Over at BuzzFeed, L.L. Barkat has an article on five daring ways to celebrate National Poetry Month in April. One of them is to eat chocolate.

Photograph by Bob Williams via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

No matter who is running for president, the chocolate will give us the break we need. Thank you, Glynn, and thank you for your inspiration always!