Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time and its verbs

Time oozes with a slight squeeze,
a new tube of toothpaste

Time meanders, lazing in the sun,
a fat garter snake on a warm rock

Time screams, a hawk pouncing
on a field mouse, or a rabbit

Time trots, a muscled marathon runner
chugging her way to a finish line

Time ages, a collection of liver spots
on the back of an old man’s hand

Time hurtles, a roller coaster headed
downward into a dark tunnel

Time stains, a broken pen spilling
its blood on my hands

Time rises, and tans, and burns, a sun
in the noon sky, heating to afternoon

Time freezes, a pond kissing winter
as snow and ice begin to fall

Time stops, a casket closing
at the end of the funeral service

Time ends, as the sky gates open,
bursting into the radiance of no-time.

Tweetspeak Poetry has a prompt about time this week. Check the link to see how people can make time fly.

Photograph by Junior Libby via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Jody Lee Collins said...

"Time ages"...sure resonated with that one. Very vivid poem, sir.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

This is beautiful, Glynn. All the different aspects of time and eternity brilliantly described.

Janet Martin said...


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Thank you for the read.