Monday, January 3, 2011

In winter, waiting

Life is pale
in ice-cold afternoon
light weak
in sun’s retreat
flakes of frost
patterned on panes
of glass, etching
absence of warmth

Beyond the glass
a world of white
windswept like
the memory of the dead,
tree limbs groaning
fields covered
woods entombed
all waiting for dawn,
a new day

This poem is submitted as part of the Warrior Poets Society, sponsored and hosted by Jason Stasyszen at Connecting to Impact. To see other poems submitted, please visit Jason’s site. The prompt for today was “new day.”

Photograph: Snowy Winter by Anna Cervova via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Maureen said...

You've made an excellent image of cold that is "rib-aching"; we can feel that, know we've experienced it.

Louise Gallagher said...

Ohh -- it sounds like the day outside my window! All snowy and frosty and white.

Beautiful poem Glynn.

S. Etole said...

You've described it well ... and I hear the trees groaning in our -22F weather this morning. Or perhaps it is me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Glynn. I love this so much. You just made me formally resolve to read more poetry this year. You definitely made me feel this.

Thanks for participating.

Unknown said...

rib-aching.........makes me glad I live in the South.....wonderful poem.

Ryan Tate said...

I feel it, and I too am waiting for that dawn. Awesome!

Cheryl said...

Disclaimer: I know nothing of poetry but this poem, I like. I like the shape of it, the flow of the words and the images I conjure up as I read. Thanks for continuing to broaden my horizon!

Linda said...

This brings back memories of the winters lived up north. When I read "rib-aching" I felt as though I was right back there.
Really good Glynn.

Unknown said...

So good that I shivered...brrrr.
You inspire me bro', you really do!

Anonymous said...

i like this
i like
very much


Unknown said...

My favorite line:

"a world of white
windswept like
the memory of the dead"

I'm a sucker for aliteration. Great poem Glynn!