Monday, September 26, 2011

A Covenant of Water

Begins as a presence, a hovering
over the waters, a breaking open
of the deep, it becomes a promise
ratified by a rainbow of remembrance
set in the sky’s white vapors,
a remembrance not to the mist
that rises for a time above the lake,
nor the wisps of mists,
but a remembrance to the presence,
to the hovering, of what
it has promised, a covenant
of water everlasting.

This poem is submitted to the Warrior Poet Circle, hosted by Jason Stasyszen. To see more poems prompted by the word “covenant,” please visit Connecting to Impact.

Photograph: Sundog by Petr Kratockvil via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.
A covenant of water by Glynn2


Anonymous said...

This just made me smile. Beautiful Glynn. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

me too. i feel my lips curving up at the corners and my heart being lightened.

thank you for the poetry speaking.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Glynn. This is so peaceful, so reassuring.
I'll miss seeing you in Texas.

nitewrit said...


This seems very spiritual to me, a going back to The beginning and to God's promises and to the Spirit hovering over those first waters and hovering still about our life, still keeping his promises.


Lorrie said...

"A covenant of water everlasting" .. that is beautiful! Enjoy your reading to us :-)