Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The light rain that is a life

Such few smudges of newsprint,
such few words, such few drops
in the light rain that is a life

born in, died at, survived by,
visitation at, services from,
internment at, donations to

the light rain that is a life

No words:
first glimpse of her
fear of I do
that first argument
joy of the firstborn
   and the second
first/last promotion
overwhelmed by Paris
father’s last words
mother’s voice grown frail
grandchild’s laugh
holding her hand, tightly,
joining AARP
the final dreams

a man

the light rain that is a life

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Maureen said...

This is lovely, Glynn, especially its closing. I know I will be thinking of it Thursday when we attend the service for our friend. Thank you.

S. Etole said...

a mist, mostly ... you've said it so well

Claudia said...

this is beautiful glynn...the light rain that is a life...and we can only hope we live it in a way and rain love on hungry fields to see flowers grow on our path...and i heard it's someone's birthday today..wishing you a wonderful day of celebration glynn

Pat Hatt said...

Captured all that needs to be said with your piece, as we can only hope to live life the best we can. "The light rain that is life" was a great touch, very nice line.

If Claudia is correct, happy birthday too.

hedgewitch said...

There's a lot of living in between those lines, short and succinct as they are. A fine poem, memorial, and also universal insight into how brief our time here is, how important to make it count.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Glynn and a worthy tribute to your friend. Life is but a mist, a light rain that quickly passes. You have captured this so wonderfully here.

Beachanny said...

Not all is light rain, some frosty snow, others baked into the hard ground too soon though always too soon for life goes that quick. You captured the essence of a man in these lines. Yet some are remembered and some forgot. You sir, shall always be remembered by those who read your fine works! Happy Birthday today! G.

Brian Miller said...

you condensed life down to a small shower...it is all that comes between the rain drops that open it so wide...nice write glynn...

Unknown said...

Nice flow here, absolutely love the rapid/quickened pace the piece gets to. Really enjoyed, thanks

Anonymous said...

light rain
warm like summer
bare feet
short and sweet
light rain
cold like winter
gloved fingers
chills and lingers

Scarlet said...

Milestones.. does it tell a life?
Light rain for some, typhoon or torrent for others. I like your reflections ~

And Happy birthday !

Ann Grenier said...

A beautiful, poignant poem, Glynn. So true, how insignificant we are.

Ann LeFlore said...

This is so lovely and I really like the closing

Anonymous said...

A small smudge of ink can hardly capture the light rain of a life. Lovely verse, sad, poignant.

Ed Pilolla said...

the light rain that is a life. i know not everyone endorses such a view, but that has such a power to it, if only becuz it rings true. something about that smells of wisdom and experience.

light rain can be so refreshing, or maddeningly irritating. i don't know, you've got me thinking... durn it:)

L.L. Barkat said...

Each line like it's own rain slant, moving into the force of storm.

Patricia said...

the light rain of life made me think of that scripture in James...
we are a vapor

my heart sympathy in the loss of your friend, my thankfulness that the rain of his life nourished and impacted yours.

Leslie said...

and yet, a light rain is one of the most refreshing things on earth... i echo others here in offering sympathy for your loss... your poetic tribute is lovely.

robkistner said...

Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here: http://www.image-verse.com/clown

Chronicles of Illusions said...

such a touching piece - loved the structure of it

signed...bkm said...

Great job on summing up the ending of most lives - a short write up and so soon forgotten...may be fully enjoy and embrace that one we are given....thank you..bkm

Lisa said...

This is too beautiful, true and touches me.

Anonymous said...

words so caring

Anonymous said...

Oh my... that stanza so full of life's little intimate keepsakes.. "first glimpse of her..." So powerful it never leaves a man, defines his love from the beginning... "fear of I do..." overwhelming.... "The first argument..." the guilt, the anger, the fear of losing her.... "the firstborn..." nothing matches it. "...and the second..." How incredibly true, completely....completely different things... and on and on and on.... The obits don't mention those beautiful, wonderful parts of our lives. This poem made me stop and think about all the truly endearing things which make me who I am. I'm so happy that i stopped by here...... Lovely, lovely poem.