Monday, September 5, 2011


Only once was it presented
only once was it glimpsed
dragged beaten and scourged
to be ridiculed and abased

The bearer stood silent waiting
without expectation but
in full knowledge of what was
and what was to be

To placate and play to
for the sake of the nation
for the good of the people
he said here is the man to be

This poem is submitted for the One Word Blog Carnival hosted by Peter Pollock. To see other posts submitted for the prompt of “innocence,” please visit Peter's site.

Illustration: Ecce Homo by Antoni Ciseri (1871)


Lisa notes... said...

"stood silent waiting
without expectation but
in full knowledge"

Your words, carefully chosen, pierce deep. Nice work, Glynn.

Anonymous said...

a glimpse
of innocence
and Grace

Maureen said...

A poem fully realized. Fine work.

a joyful noise said...

For the sake of the Nation - and for my sake - He was slain - the innocent Lamb of God! Awesome poem!!

nitewrit said...


I am wondering as I read this poem about the "bearer". I see this from his perspective, that this bearer glimpsed the innocence of Christ, and yet stood silent knowing the innocent would be punished. The bearer was just following orders and he justified it as for his nation. It makes me wonder where "we" stand sometimes caught between knowledge and duty?