Saturday, December 24, 2011

Common wood

Pieces of wood
rough hewn, common
old, discarded
nailed together
for animals

feeding trough

wood for carpenter
fashioned for a use
borrowed for a use
wood to wood,

begins with wood
ends with wood

a carpenter, alpha
a carpenter, omega


This poem is submitted to dVerse Poets and its Christmas Poetry prompt. To see more Christmas poems, please visit dVerse Poets.

And Merry Christmas!


Claudia said...

begins with wood - ends with wood..never saw it like this. i always loved that jesus had this down-to-earth job as a carpenter - makes him all the more real for me..maybe it should make no difference but for me it does... a fine poem and merry christmas to you and yours glynn

Brian Miller said...

what a humble beginning and a humble end...but we know that is not the end...smiles...merry christmas glynn and thank you for being you

Pat Hatt said...

Just a nice vibe to your verse, not to big and not to small. To steal Brian's word, humble. Merry Christmas! and no I didn't mumble.

Jerry said...

What a way to remove a plank from my eye. This is excellent Glynn. Merry Christmas!

Scarlet said...

A very lovely and meaningful message ~

Wishing you Merry Christmas ~

Maureen said...

Merry Christmas, Glynn. Thank you for all you bring to our viritual world.

I was thinking of all the symbols in Nativity scenes that foreshadow what is to come, such as the Wise Man who brings myrrh, an embalming material. Wood may be the most obvious and yet the most missed. I can't recall when I've read mention of it.

caryjo said...

Filled with truth. May we, as we place these words in our hearts and souls, be filled with truth, too.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

God bless you Glynn! May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I love this "begins with wood ends with wood." Thanks!

Laurie Kolp said...

This is so beautiful, Glenn. Wood the alpha and omega- WOW! Merry Christmas!