Monday, December 26, 2011

Everything you wanted to know about evangelism

If you have need of resources on the subject of evangelism, there is now a manual that covers  virtually every aspect in a simple, straightforward way – Evangelism God’s Way: A Manual by Deborah Nembhard-Colquhon.

Do you want to know why evangelism is important? The manual has 17 reasons. Do you want to know what evangelism is? A concise explanation is right here. Do you want to know how to do it, and see all the various ways and styles? Look no further.

The book is less a manual and more like a strategic and tactical plan, and in fact it includes a sample plan for how to approach evangelism. It covers every question I could think to ask. How do I do it? Is going door-to-door really effective? How do I answer common objections? The book also covers the objections (and fears) Christians themselves raise about evangelism, from offending people and invading their privacy to “this just isn’t my gift.” And there’s no question that evangelism is the one subject that will cause the most squirming among Christians.

What is particularly helpful is the emphasis upon evangelism as a process – a lifelong process. There are ways to do it, and ways not to do it. You have to learn and be open to being taught. It is a part, a vital part, of your faith and who you are as a Christian. And in some way or another, we are all called to evangelize.

Nembhard-Colquhon is an ordained evangelist with the Evangelism Association of Canada and the founder of Evangelism God’s Way Ministry in Toronto. The book has a slight focus on Canada (especially in the resources section) but is broadly applicable to all countries.

After reading this, I find myself without excuses.

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Ummm. sounnds...ummm...really strange, mainly. The book that is. Your review was great.